Importance of Water Balance

If you own a spa it is important to understand that it requires a certain amount of maintenance to ensure it operates properly and the water remains clean and healthy.

The chemical balance of spa is different to a swimming pool, because you are dealing with hot water.  Hot water requires different treatment to prevent the growth of viruses, bacteria and algae.

The regular testing of your water with the addition of the right chemicals will ensure your water in your spa is clean and healthy.  The things you need to test in your water regularly are, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, pH and sanitiser (Chlorine or Bromine) levels.

Here at Pool and Spa Mart Bull Creek we test for all the above parameters and are able to supply the chemicals required to ensure your spa is safe and healthy for you and your family to enjoy.

It is a good idea to have your own home test kit to test the water on a regular basis as well (it is important to test your santiser/bromine and pH levels before any bather enters the spa).

It is very important to maintain the chemical balance of your spa water for the following reasons:

  • Bather comfort
  • To prevent the growth of viruses, bacteria and algae
  • To protect the surface and spa equipment

As mentioned above, here at Pool and Spa Mart Bull Creek we test for the following:

  • Sanitiser/Bromine
  • pH
  • Total Alkalinity
  • Calcium Hardness
  • Total Dissolved Solids

Here is a brief explanation of what each of the above do in your spa water chemistry


The Sanitiser/Bromine levels in your spa are important to ensure for safe and healthy water, free of harmful mico-organisms.  The most common form of sanitisers are chlorine and bromine.  Ozone may also be used in conjunction with chlorine and bromine.  There are some spas which are run on Salt Water Chlorination as well (in particular, a spa which is attached to a swimming pool).

The amount of sanitiser required depends on a number of factors like, water temperature, the frequency of use and the number of people using the spa.  It is very important to keep your sanitiser/bromine level between 3 to 4 parts per million.  In very hot water the sanitiser can be used up very quickly, and should be checked regularly whilst the spa is  being used.

After heavy use of the spa or on a weekly basis, the water should be given a shock treatment of chlorine.  Be sure to check the level again before use.

If the spa is not being used,  it is still important to add sanitiser on a regular basis to ensure the water does not have a chance of bacteria, viruses or algae to form.

pH Level

The pH level is the measure of the acid/alkaline of the water.  It is important to maintain the correct pH level as it effects the workings of other chemicals in the spa water.

Incorrect pH levels can cause the following:

  • sanitise/ bromine in the water not to work to their full capabilities
  • eye and skin irritations
  • corrosion of metal fittings
  • cloudy water
  • formation of scale on the spa walls, fitting and in the pipe work

The pH level should be kept higher than 7.0 to avoid possible corrosion of metal equipment.  On the other hand, it should not be higher that 7.8, as this will reduce the workings of your sanitiser/bromine, and it can also encourage scale formation in the spa.

Calcium Hardness

If your Calcium Hardness level is not maintained at the correct level in your spa it can cause the water to become corrosive, if it is too low, this may result in damage to the spa surface or equipment (promotes corrosion of spa pumps, heater elements etc).  If the calcium hardness levels are too high, then this can lead to scaling on the walls and floor of the spa, in your pipe work and it can also lead to cloudy water.

So in a nut shell, it is important to keep your calcium hardness levels correct at all times to ensure the longevity of your spa.

Cleaning & Maintenance of your Spa

Regular maintenance of your spa is important to ensure that all components/equipment are kept in good working order, as well as, your spa being clean and healthy.

The following maintenance regimes can be easily done by yourself or you can get one of our Pool/Spa Service Technicians to come to your home and do all the work for you.

In terms of general hygiene, we suggest that every 3 months you should do the following:

  • Clean the pipe work of the spa
  • Empty the spa water and refill it with fresh water
  • Clean/wipe down the spa surface
  • Chemically clean the cartridge element/s from the spa cartridge filter

Clean the Pipe Work of the Spa

Prior to emptying the spa water, here at Pool and Spa Mart Bull Creek we recommend that you clean out all the pipe work of the spa.  This is done by adding a pipe cleaning chemical to the water of the spa and then letting run through the system for a period of time prior to emptying the water.

You can only add this chemical when you are ready to empty the spa, as you do not want any of the contaminates (which are cleaned out of the pipe work) to be present in the water when being used by bathers.  These contaminates contain various elements like, scale, body fats from our skin, residual of cosmetic items from bathers etc

Changing of the Spa Water

The spa water should be changed every 3 months, or remove and replace approximately 30% or 1/3 of the volume of water every three to four weeks.

If you and your family use your spa on a regular basis (all year around) refreshing your spa water will ensure that the spa water stays fresh and healthy.

Clean/wipe down the Spa Surface

When you have emptied the water from your spa it is a good idea to give the whole surface and jets thorough wipe down.  This will ensure that any residue for the old water has been totally cleaned out of the spa (before refilling it again with fresh water)

Chemically Clean Cartridge Element/s from the Spa Cartridge Filter

As part of your regular spa maintenance regime it is important to clean your spa cartridge filter element/s on a regular basis.  If you and your family use the spa regularly we recommend that you high pressurer clean your  element/s weekly (this can be done with your garden hose) and chemically clean them every month.  However, if you do not use your spa regularly it is fine to chemically clean them every 3 months (when you clean the piper work of the spa, and empty and refill the spa with fresh water)

Do not use any household cleaners to clean your element/s for example, bleach, dishwashing detergents or other household chemicals. As these products contain chemicals that will effect your spa water chemical balance and excessive foaming may occur, which will result in you having to empty the spa water and refilling it again with fresh water.

By cleaning your spa filter element/s as recommended above, it will ensure that your filter will be working at its optimum, as well as, you spa water being kept clean, clear and sparkling for your enjoyment.

Children in Spas

If you like to keep the temperature in the spa at a very warm temperature, we strongly recommend that drinking water is near to the children to drink whilst they are in the spa, as they can get quite dehydrated from the heat of the spa water.

All children should be supervised at all times when they are in or near the spa.

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