Solar Blankets

Swimming pool solar blankets are another popular way to heat your swimming and spa by using the suns energy to trap heat and maintain warmth of the pool, adding months to your swimming season.

Option 1

Pool Blanket

The blanket becomes a giant solar energy collector.  The sun’s energy absorbs easily through the blanket, heating the water underneath and the trapped heat remains in the pool – where you want it.

Not only does it heat the pool free, but the blanket keeps the pool cleaner and saves water by stopping evaporation by 97%.

A solar blanket works best when it is constant use – rolling it up with a blanket roller, when you want to swim and rolling it back on to reduce water loss, chemical loss as well as trap and retain the sun’s free warmth.

In winter a solar cover will assist in keeping your pool cleaner.

Option 2

Hideaway In-ground Rollers

If you are renovating your backyard and swimming pool area or installing a new swimming pool you do have the option of installing a “Hideaway In-ground Roller” system.

This option enables you to have your roller and solar blanket stored out-of-sight and out-of mind when not is use.  It is easy to operate with a single person able to remove or replace the Solar Blanket in no time at all.  Simply lift the lid and pull out the solar blanket with its pull cord.

Some of their fantastic features are:

  • Marine grade anodized aluminium lid. For ease of use and longevity
  • Fully engineered self-supporting underground enclosure system
  • Blanket is stored away
  • Save time, money and add value to your home
  • Manual (handle) or automatic remote control option
  • To open – lift the lid and simply pull out the pool cover when required (one person can do this)
  • To close – wind blanket into the box by placing line handle onto 90 degree gear box and turning, when complete place handle inside the box
  • DYI installation is available or Pool and Spa Mart Bull Creek can organise installation

Option 3

Poolside Seat & Roller Combo

Relax by your pool this summer by installing a Poolside Seat and Roller Combo.  These Combos are manufactured to what ever size you want (customised)

The Poolside Seat and Roller Combo have great features like:

  • Easy wheel and handle system which makes uncovering your pool blanket into the seat a breeze
  • Motorised remote control option is available
  • Easy to pull on with a detachable “Pull Cord System”
  • They are a fully engineered and designed seating structure
  • Made from the best marine grade anodised aluminium, stainless steel materials
  • The bench seat can be clad to suit your decor
  • Upgrades to existing rollers may be available
  • DYI Installation or Pool and Spa Mart Bull Creek can organise installation

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