Spa Safety Tips

Spas are becoming more popular now a days due to smaller back yards and of course for their therapeutic purposes.

Owners of spas must be made aware of some of the hazardous aspects of owning a spa to minimize the risk of risk of injury when bathing a spa.

Here are a few things to check:

  • One of the major risks in spas is the danger of trapping your hair or a part of your body on a spa suction outlet. If you have concerns in regards to the operation of the suction outlets, please call Pool and Spa Mart Bull Creek and we can advise what is the best cause of action to have these outlets fully operational
  • Check the covers of any spa suction outlets are not damaged and are firmly affixed
  • If you have a portable spa, ensure you use your locked safety cover of lid when the spa is not in use.
  • Your spa should have a cut-off switch for the pump. Please be aware of where this switch is, so that, you can turn the spa off in case of an emergency
  • Check the suction outlets are working we; so that, they do not cause the risk of any hair, part of your body, fingers or toes to be entrapped
  • It is not advisable to put your head under water in a spa as this too may increase the risk of any hair, part of your body, fingers or toes being entrapped (especially children & adults with long hair)
  • Ensuring your spa water is correctly balanced (before any bather uses the spa)
  • The spa filter cartridge has been recently cleaned before any bather uses the spa
  • Check with your Local Council on the requirements of having your spa/portable spa properly gated off (as you do for a swimming pool)
  • With a lot of products being purchased over the internet, please ensure that if you are looking at buying a spa through the internet, please ensure the seller can provide you proof that it complies/recognised with Australian Standards