Maintenance Programs

Regular Maintenance Programs

Pool and Spa Mart Bull Creek provide a number of “Regular Maintenance Programs”.

Our highly professional team of Service Technicians have had many years of experience in this field.  Our sound knowledge and friendly service will ensure that you will have a healthy and sparkling swimming pool/spa all year around.

Our Programs are as follows:

  • Monthly Regular Maintenance
  • Fortnightly Regular Maintenance
  • Weekly Regular Maintenance
  • Holiday Maintenance Program (for when you go away on holidays)
  • Test Water and Check Over Equipment Only

With each of the above “Maintenances” we conduct the following:

  • Scoop Debris from the Pool
  • Brush Walls and Floor of Pool/Spa (if required)
  • Empty Skimmer and Pump Baskets
  • Backwash Sand Filter/Hose Down Filter Element in Cartridge Filter
  • Chemically Clean Filter Element in Cartridge Filter every three months
  • Clean Salt Water Electrode (Cell) – if it is not a self cleaning chlorinator
  • Check & Clean Probes – for automatic dosing system ie Chemigems
  • Test Water Balance
  • Chemically Balance Water – add required chemicals
  • Set Timers on Pool/Spa Equipment to suit the running times for the current season
  • Conduct a Full Vacuum on Pool/Spa
  • Ensure all Pool/Spa Equipment is in good working order – if not, we will report to you our findings on our visits
  • If you have a solar blanket on the pool we take it off at the start of our visit and we put it back on before our departure.

[With the above “Maintenance Programs” we do offer a “No Vacuum Service” – some clients do not want us to include full vacuum on our visits]

Additional Services for Spa Maintenance:

  • If you have a Hard Safety Cover on your spa we will remove it on our arrival. On our departure we ensure that the Cover is placed back on the spa and locked
  • We empty and refill the spa water every three months
  • We conduct a full system cleanse, where we chemically clean out all the pipe work of the spa prior to emptying it (this has an additional charge)
  • For Above Ground/Portable Spas we can re-stain outer wooden panels on all sides which are easily accessible (additional charges apply )

Test Water and Check Over Equipment Only :

This is a great option for those who have investment properties which are tenanted out.  This service ensures you, the property owner,  is well aware if your tenants are looking after your investment

  • Full inspection of all Pool/Spa equipment and advise accordingly (including automatic pool cleaners)
  • Water Test Only – we provide you the Owner a full comprehensive computised print out of the water test results taken from out visit (this will highlight if your tenants are property maintaining the water balance of the pool. This is important for the longevity of your swimming pool surface and equipment)

One Off Services

If you find that you are unable to clean your pool/spa or you think you have an issue with any of your pool/spa equipment, you can book one of Service Technicians to come out to your home and take care of it for you.

We provide the following “On Off Services”:

  • General Pool/Spa Clean and Water Balance

(For Example – Summer Start Ups & Bedding your pool down for winter (Winterising) or just a General Clean and Balance etc)

  • Green Pool Treatments (may require more that one visit)
  • Black Spot Treatments on fibreglass pools (may require more that one visit)
  • Scale Treatments on fibreglass & concrete pools (may require more that one visit)
  • On-site Equipment Repairs

(On occasion we may need to bring your equipment back to our fully equipped workshop to conduct a full Inspection/Quotation – in particular pumps, chlorinator power supplies & robotic cleaners

  • Piper Work Repairs
  • Investigate leaks
  • Repair/Replacement of Swimming Pool Lights (Halogen & LED)
  • Supply/Installation of Automatic Pool Cleaners
  • Supply/Installation of new pool/spa equipment (including repairs/replacement of jets in spas & pools)
  • Supply/Installation of Solar Controllers for your Solar Pool Heating System
  • Supply/Installation of Heaters for Spas (you may need to engage a gas plumber to disconnect & connect new gas heater once our side of the installation is complete or an electrician if there is hard wiring to be done prior and after our installation)
  • Initial/start up balance of your pool water after is has been newly renovated (some swimming pool renovation companies do not provide/include this service in their “Contract of Works”
  • And any other request you may have which will require a home visit

Free On-Site Services

Conduct On-Site Quotations for:

  • Supply/installation of Solar Pool Blankets and Rollers
  • Supply/installation of Hide-Away Solar Blanket Systems
  • Supply/installation of swimming pool Heat Pumps
  • Replace/install return and suction lines of swimming pool
  • Relocation of swimming pool equipment

Enquire about Maintenance Programs

If you need information or assistance with Maintenance Programs, our team can help.

Give us a call now on: (08) 9310 7774

Alternatively, fill out the enquiry form and one of our staff will be in touch.

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