Pool Safety Tips

A back yard swimming pool has been a dream for many families over the years.  However, in recent times the possibility of owning to enjoy has become a reality for many.

Whilst swimming pools allow us to get together with family and friends to enjoy fun, relaxation and for some individuals fitness as well.  There are a few easy rules to remember to ensure the safe use of your swimming pool.

Here are a few tips:

  • Ensure the water balance is correct and ready for swimming
  • Children must be supervised at all times around a swimming pool. If you need to attend to something and there is no other adult to take your place, you must take your child out of the pool and take them with you
  • Make sure your pool complies with your Local Council regulations in relation to compliant fencing and childproof locks on the pool gates and any access points from your home. Eg – doors, windows etc
  • Do not leave anything near the pool fencing or gate that a child can use to climb and gain access to the pool area. Eg  furniture, large potted plants etc
  • Please aware of how to resuscitate a child or an adult in case of an emergency. It is a good idea to maybe take a CPR course or have a resuscitation chart on your pool fence
  • Do not allow any drinking vessels or bottles made out of glass around the pool (if they are accidently dropped around the pool or near the pool it is very hard to see the broken glass if it enters the pool)
  • Familiarise children with water ie. take them to swimming lessons
  • Please ensure nobody runs around the pool (especially children and teen agers as it is easy to slip and cause injury or worst still hit your head and then fall into the pool)