Solar Pool Heating

Swimming pool solar blankets are another popular way to heat your swimming and spa by using the suns energy to trap heat and maintain warmth of the pool, adding months to your swimming season.

Solar pool heating is the most cost effective heating source for a pool or spa.  The free energy from the sun cuts expensive power costs dramatically.

A Solar Pool Heating System consists of:

  • Solar roof collector (matting on the roof) which is manufactured to fit each individual roof and usually comes in various colours to match your roof
  • Roof Sensor – which sensors the temperature of the water in the roof collector
  • Cold Sensor/Pool Sensor – which sensors the temperature of the water in the swimming pool
  • Solar Pump
  • Solar Controller which regulates the temperature desired for your swimming comfort, and also, controls the running times of your Solar Pool Heating System.
  • It is commonly installed in line with your main pool pump

The system works by the water is drawn from the main return of your pool by the solar pump, it is then pushed up to the solar collectors on the roof, then it flows back to the main return.  The time clock on the Solar Controller should be set for the best solar hours, for example on a north facing roof from 9 am to 5pm.

When the time clock starts the solar controller is activated sensing energy from the roof.  The controller in turn, activates the solar pump only when the roof temperature is above the pool water temperature.  The system will cut off when the set pool temperature on the Solar Controller is reached or the time clock has ended it cycle for that day.

If you pair this System with a swimming pool solar blanket, the blanket will help retain the heat produced by the Solar System.

As Perth is know as the sunniest city in the world solar pool heating in one which is a very popular option.

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